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Mary Enyit Guaw Jong // Earth Is A Square, Heaven Is A Circle



Sat, Nov 6th, 2021 to Sat, Nov 27th, 2021


11:00 am to 3:00 pm


Mary Enyit Guaw Jong’s exhibition of paintings brings together her identity as a second-generation Chinese Canadian and her experience growing up as a market gardener in the agricultural community of Armstrong, B.C.

Through using the circle, her canvases act as portals to sublime valleys and lakes, dreamscapes of a world not unlike our own. In Chinese cosmography, the earth is thought of as flat with four corners, while heaven exists above in a circular canopy over the earth. Meanwhile, In Chinese symbology, the circle also represents perfection and completeness. It is often a cultural reference to the moon, a significant character in Jong’s work.


Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art

421 Cawston Ave, Unit 103, Kelowna


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