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Trep Café



Tue, Oct 19th, 2021


12:00 pm to 1:00 pm


Combine and conquer. Whether you need a reset, want to spark new ideas or just need to get down to solving a business challenge, we cheers to that.

Trep Café is a regular, informal meeting for entrepreneurs, startups, and small business owners — anyone passionate about their life’s work. Each weekly 1-hour session will be packed with opportunities to connect, share knowledge, and discuss exciting new ventures.

This is an opportunity we’ve created for the community to continuously grow together.

So why join Trep Café?

Because finding your community matters. Building a business takes a ton of time and effort… AND doing it alone sucks. Trep Café connects you with a powerful group of mentors and motivators, whom you trust and have your back.

We’ve created a space filled with big-thinking perspectives and priceless feedback; soliciting the help of everyone else in the group and getting valuable perspectives on a range of topics that would otherwise be difficult to find in one place.

Whether you are brand new or a seasoned veteran, this event is for building relationships and gaining practical knowledge that everyone benefits from. This community has been in your shoes more than once.

Let’s chat over coffee about how to grow our life’s work, together.

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