Kelowna Fringe-Dear Donald, Dear Hillary-Online Ticket



Wed, Sep 15th, 2021 to Sun, Sep 19th, 2021


12:00 pm to 12:00 am


Dear Donald/Dear Hillary (Their Secret Correspondence) takes liberties, for laughs, with the biographies of the famous political rivals.

What if they’ve known each other since the age of 8, assigned to be pen pals as second-graders? In their heretofore undiscovered personal letters spanning half a century, right up to November 2020, we see their awkward friendship wax and wane in letters that borrow liberally (not conservatively) from Trump and Clinton’s actual public dialogue. You might be surprised who gets the last word. The play is unapologetically satirical, comedic, biting, surprising, engaging and cathartic. The audience is invited to ride a roller coaster of laughter, surprise revelations, and will be struck by the universality of the ideas the play explores. Further musing about larger ideas around status, male and female power, and the responsibility of how we, as people, empower certain dynamics to evolve and occur will likely be topics of post-show conversation among viewers of this filmed performance from Intrepid Artists from Dallas, TX.
*with permission of the playwright

Online Event, Kelowna


$13 - $15

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