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Kelowna Fringe-Emmy & Jess & Leo Watch T.V.



Fri, Sep 17th, 2021


5:15 pm to 00:00:01


The slasher flicks of the 1980s! The teen sitcoms of the early 2000s! Anime! True crime documentaries! Game of Thrones! The filmography of Steven Spielberg!

In Emmy & Jess & Leo Watch TV, three roommates discuss, debate, and relive the pop culture touchstones that have shaped their lives. They talk about the shows they love, the shows they hate, and everything in between. Immersed in a world of endless on-demand entertainment options, they try to find something authentic, something meaningful, something real.

Emmy & Jess & Leo Watch TV is a comedy about the pleasures and pitfalls of obsessing over film and television. It is about how we consume media—and about how media consumes us.

The inaugural production of Kelowna’s Subterfuge Theatre, Emmy & Jess & Leo Watch TV stars Brandon Benner, Kendra Holly Grant, and Torsten Nogel. It was written and directed by Jeremy Beaulne, with sound design by Kaitlyn Turley.


New Vintage Theatre

421 Cawston Ave, Kelowna


$13 - $18

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