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How Will You Export? Building Your Plan



Thu, Jul 29th, 2021


10:00 am to 00:00:01


A good export plan is the key to success in international markets.

Just as you built a business plan before you launched your business, you can apply the same principles to competitively grow your business through export.
We have created a simple plan outline to help you in writing your export plan. During this interactive session, Alpana Sharma, WEC Export Business Advisor, will walk you through each step.
In this interactive session you’ll learn how to:
- Define your export goals and make sure they align with your overall business objectives
- Understand the key concepts involved in international trade
- Do a risk assessment to minimize the impact of unforeseen circumstances
- Identify the best market entry strategy for your business
Join us to complete the next step to selling your goods or services outside of BC and learn from our experienced and expert panelists!

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