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September, 2022

The Circle of Life. Annabel Stanley

10:00 am - Sat, Sep 4th, 2021 to Sun, Sep 11th, 2022
at Kelowna Art Gallery

In the Gallery’s Rotary Courtyard Annabel Stanley explores the form of the circle, how it shapes our environment, and is reflected in the flora and fauna that surround us. Read more

Sweeney Todd - Senior Performance Troupe

4:00 pm - Fri, Nov 5th, 2021 to Sun, Dec 4th, 2022
at Kelowna Actors Studio

Attend the dark, witty and Tony Award-winning tale of love, murder and revenge set against the backdrop of nineteenth-century London. Read more

U·NIQUE - Art in Action 36

10:00 am - Sat, Apr 16th, 2022 to Sun, Sep 11th, 2022
at The Kelowna Art Gallery

Young artists from across School District 23 were invited to participate in the 36th annual Art in Action student exhibition. Read more

From Warhol to Banksy opens

9:00 am - Sat, May 21st, 2022 to Sun, Oct 16th, 2022
at Kelowna Art Gallery

Okanagan audiences will have the opportunity to step into the larger-than-life world of Pop Art and explore the careers of a literal who’s who in one corner of the art world. Read more

Sensorineural - Kelsie Balehowsky

10:00 am - Mon, May 30th, 2022 to Sun, Sep 18th, 2022
at Kelowna Art Gallery

Sensorineural is a sculptural installation inspired by artist Kelsie Balehowsky’s son who was born with sensorineural hearing loss. This site-specific sculpture consists of a large-scale, representational model of the inner ear, vinyl that activates the glass window itself, and an interactive component that explores the complications of invisible disability. Read more

look don’t look - Barry Jones

10:00 am - Sat, Jul 23rd, 2022 to Sun, Nov 13th, 2022
at Kelowna Art Gallery

Barrie Jones is a Vancouver-based photo and video artist whose work is known for its focus on the human figure as a site of complex personal and collective identities. In look don’t look, Jones’ vibrant video portraits explore a multitude of human emotions and the complicated dynamics of relationships. The positioning of Jones’ young subjects invites us to consider the modern construction of social identities and our growing reliance on technology and social media. Read more


12:00 pm - Wed, Aug 31st, 2022 to Sun, Sep 4th, 2022
at Rotary Centre for the Arts

Expect the unexpected! Kelowna Fringe Festival is a celebration of indie performance artists in theatre, music, dance and more. Read more

Sarah McLachlan Tribute by Niki Martinus at Kelowna Fringe Festival

7:30 pm - Wed, Aug 31st, 2022 to Thu, Sep 1st, 2022
at Grizzli Winery

This is a full band production in which West Kelowna songstress Niki Martinus will be portraying and paying tribute to Sarah McLachlan. Read more

Pretty Package Piano Bar at Kelowna Fringe Festival

8:00 pm - Wed, Aug 31st, 2022 to Sat, Sep 3rd, 2022
at Kelowna Community Theatre

Three mainstays. One unexpected guest. One last show. Join Ella Lamoureux, Matthew Presidente and Toddy as they tell the story of the final night of the Pretty Package Piano Bar. Read more

Sweeping Meditations at Kelowna Fringe Festival

8:30 pm - Wed, Aug 31st, 2022 to Sat, Sep 3rd, 2022
at New Vintage Theatre

An original work by award-winning artist/poet/performer Erin Scott, this audience participation show meditates on the magic in sweeping. Read more