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Sacred Intimacy Secrets for Deeper Pleasure and Connection



Fri, Apr 23rd, 2021 to Sun, Apr 25th, 2021


7:00 pm to 9:00 pm


Don’t miss this exclusive training for women and your chance to feel more love, pleasure and deeper intimacy with yourself and your partner.

I used to leave my body during sex, I felt disconnected, I had so much fear from past trauma that it affected intimacy with the man I was engaged to be married to.
I knew I was still in a process of owning and healing my sexual power.
I realized I needed to connect more deeply within, so I immerse myself in tantric sexual practices and healing. I learned everything I could about tantra, love, sexuality, relationships, healing trauma, somatic and energy therapies, and communication, and how to create real deep soul connected intimacy.
My vagina completely changed, my orgasms expanded in ways I could not have imagined, I could express myself to my lover better, I stopped having trauma moments during intimacy, I created the best sex-life and deeper intimacy that I have ever had.
Now, I’ve had the honour of coaching, training and healing over 1000 women to embody their pleasure, connect more authentically to their partners in intimacy and feel happy, sexy, and free.
That is why I am launching this FREE Training for Women

Online Event, Kelowna


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