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Data Science Meetup



Tue, May 26th, 2020


12:00 pm to 1:00 pm


The Data Science Meetup is a casual event that is open to anyone who wants to learn more about data, no matter the skill level.

The best place to stay connected to the group is through the Kelowna tech slack in the channel #data-science. There they organize the future meetups, have ongoing discussion, and share links and resources.

The data science meetup group was founded by Leah Mazur a data analyst and Nicole Covello a data scientist. They met at a networking event (Tech Wings) a year and a half ago. Being both new to the Okanagan and also both working in the field of data, they quickly became good friends. They wanted to surround themselves with more like-minded people who they could learn from and share ideas with related to their work with data. So they started the meetup.


Okanagan coLab

1405 St. Paul Street 201, Kelowna



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