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Jason Rouse Hosted By Reggie Reynolds



Mon, May 27th, 2019


7:00 pm to 11:00 pm


Jason Rouse is a renegade touring stand-up comedian taking the mainstream comedy world and turning it upside down. Over the last decade, this comedy outsider has been sharpening his teeth in clubs and festivals all over the world.

Shows at 7pm and 9pm

Rouse has made it his mission to forge a new road and write a new chapter in stand up comedy. Middle of the road mainstream comedy is left for dead. Instead, this Jester from Hell has been unleashed onto international stages with all of the power of a derailed comedy freight train.

Hosted by Reggie Reynolds! Reggie Reynolds is a powerhouse comedian, hitting hard, and breaking all the rules. Watching him live is like being hit by an acid rain tidal wave, then thrown into an unpredictable tornado of insanity, madness and hilarity on fire. It's dangerous, scary, and funny as hell. Making only rare appearances, you would be an idiot to miss out on this. Burp!


Dakoda's Comedy Lounge

1574 Harvey Ave, Kelowna



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