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Day with Dr.Brett



Sat, Mar 16th, 2019


7:00 am to 7:00 pm


Mind Body Spirit Evolution


Day with Dr. Brett: Lectures, Meditation, Education, Nutrition

Plant based menu by HEAL (vegan*gluten free)

Mocean Yoga by Susie Newson

Guided Nature Walk

Sound Journey by Kihew Therapy

Entertainment by Josh & Bex

Dr. Brett Phillips

B.Sc., N.D.


The Divine Power of Choice

Through the practice of the belly breathing and mindfulness become aware of your repetitive self-defeating thoughts. Become empowered through this daily practice of self-awareness to change old patterns and to choose a new way to respond to the world around you from a place of self-love. Learn how to control your thoughts, reprogram for success and become the master of your emotional spiritual life.

Detox the Obesogens

Remove the toxins and lose unwanted fat, regaining your optimal weight. In today's world there are an abundance of environmental toxins (air, personal care products, cleaning products, convenience foods, animal products, modern life). These toxins affects how your body’s internal environment communicates with itself, maintains balance and a health weight. Many of these toxins manipulate your hormones and neurotransmitters which lead to weight gain and cause depression. Learn what in your daily life is causing imbalances leading to unwanted weight, a depressed mood, low energy and low self esteem!

Exercise - Turn on the Fountain of Youth

The most effective way to turn back the clock, feel great, have a hard body and a sharp mind is with daily exercise. There are many different types and styles of exercise. Learn why daily exercise is fundamental to optimal health and wellness. What type of exercise is best for you, what time of day and for how long? To manifest your best self, you must have a daily exercise program. Commit, stick with it and experience benefits and live the rewards.

Strategic Living - Goal Setting, Action Planning and Facing Fears

To manifest your desired life and to live at the peak of your abilities, takes more than wishing it to be so. You must set goals, have an action plan, face your fears, challenge yourself and stay disciplined! Strategic living starts with knowing (or having and idea of) what you want in this life and setting the goals to achieve it. Having an action plan involves organizing your goals into the various categories (self/relationships/business), adding timelines and determining the people, places and things you're going to need to help you achieve your Desired Life. Learn how to face your fear, use your skills, enjoy the change of stepping into the unknown and experience your optimal Self and achieve your Desired Life through Strategic Living.

Menu by HEAL

Health, Environment & Love

Presents: Educational Eating

A day filled with nourishment for the body and soul, enjoying passionate plant based creations by HEAL. Learn simple ways to incorporate at home for you and your family, or special event, and feel better one meal at a time! Vegan/Gluten Free *provide further dietary restrictions when booking*

Organic produce provided by Urban Harvest

Urban Harvest

Yoga Instructor - Susie Newson

Susie was called to yoga in 2002. The injurious life of a professional ballet dancer lead her to yoga as a way to heal her body and continue to express herself through movement.

Susie began her yoga studies with Nicki Doane and Eddie Modestini (Maya Yoga) in 2008. She studied extensively with Nicki and Eddie and completed 4 Maya Yoga Teacher Training courses with them. In 2013 Susie completed her 500hr Moksha Yoga teacher training. Susie’s yoga studies have accredited her over 1500hr of teacher training.

Susie has been teaching yoga for 9 years. Her offering ranges from Ashtanga yoga to Vinyasa yoga to Restorative yoga. Susie has been an inspiration in her communities teaching regular yoga classes as well as retreats and Yoga teacher’s trainings in countries including Canada, U.S, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

Through her own experiences, Susie has come to understand that Yoga is more than just a physical connection. Yoga is a life support system that enables us to cultivate balance and union of body, mind and heart which supports us in navigating our everyday existence with more peace and grace.

Mocean Yoga is Susie’s way of offering you the tools to put your Manifestations in Mocean ~ Leveraging her own light to help you stand in to your light and embody the fullest expression of yourself!

Kihew-Alchemey Sound Journey

‘Cameron Hayward and Alisa Farr are a conscious couple whom are dedicated to creating and holding space for individuals to lay in their BE-ing. Combining their skills as Certified Hypnotherapists and years as Sound Journey Facilitators, they lead guests into deep meditation where beneficial, restorative brainwaves states are achieved.’

In Light,

Alisa & Cam

Kihew Therapy & Wellness Inc


Josh + Bex are a Canadian Dream Folk duo out of Kelowna BC. Josh, with his Eastern soul-folk vibes and Bex, her melody-driven West Coast influence, together they make music that captures their tender vulnerabilities and draws listeners into their world with a deep-rooted transparency and open-hearted presence. Their sound is a unique blend of their individual histories and personal truths along the way to figuring out who they are as people, as well as song-writers. One thing is for sure—they have figured out how to collaborate with both authenticity and humility as they dedicate themselves to the creation of timeless art.

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