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FMB with Chase The Bear



Sat, Apr 21st, 2018


9:30 pm


Come out for an incredible night, an intimate show with two high energy bands back to back!

Chase The Bear:
Inspired by the greatest music of the past century, Chase the Bear draws inspiration anywhere from the harmonious pop-sensibilities of The Beatles, to the hard-hitting groove of Led Zeppelin, and various elements of funk, soul, and modern rock. Since their inception in July 2017, they toured throughout B.C. and got the opportunity to showcase in front of the B.C. Touring Council, who enthusiastically commented,
“The fresh-faced Chase the Bear members rocked us with their performance ... for such a young act, they delivered with professionalism and passion”
In January 2018, they won first place in Live Acts’ Best In Vancouver competition where they wowed the sold-out Railway Club and the industry judges. Immediately after their performance, producer Danny Craig (The Vidos, Aviator Shades, Default) approached the band, expressing he was impressed by their authenticity and passion. Since then, Danny has been offering guidance in their music career. Tommy Mac of Hedley also referred to them as “lightning in a bottle”. For the rest of the year, Chase the Bear plans to release their first recorded material, as well as tour more throughout Western Canada, including a confirmed spot Tumbler Ridge’s Grizfest Music Festival in August.

As The Rising Suns, vocalist Troy and guitarist Leo had headlined a western Canadian tour, opened a showcase at Tumbler Ridge’s Grizfest 2 years in a row, and released two songs produced by The Trews’ Jack Syperek. When they introduced bassist Braedan Royer, prodigy guitarist Jordan Phillips, and drummer/co-vocalist Connor Brooks (Warless, Ripple Illusion, Coldwater Road), the band reinvented itself as Chase the Bear.

As Chase the Bear, lead singer Troy continues to dominate the stage with his electrifying presence and smoky, powerhouse vocals while the rest of the band delivers biting, bluesy riffs, blistering drum fills, and tasty harmonies. The band is also known to show off other member’s talents, having Troy and Connor switch vocal and drum duties, and Braedan and Leo switch bass and guitar in the middle of shows, making the live element an unpredictable and dynamic experience.

Get a tasty sample here on youtube:

Floyd Meets Brown:
Buddies before band mates things started out as jams for fun but quickly turned into something a lot more than that. The four of them felt the musical connection right off the bat and soon after knew that it was more than just a living room jam unfolding. There was something profound and powerful happening when these young men played together....Creating Floyd Meets Brown.

Currently a four piece, this dynamic group has no shortage of big sounds! Playing with high energy and pure intent, they will captivate all types of audiences. Formed in the summer of 2013 at Salmon Arm's annual Roots and Blues festival, Floyd Meets Brown is already making its mark in B.C. as a group that bends genres into a melting pot of funky grooves with psychedelic breaks that connect to you're heart and soul. They released a 6 song EP live off the floor in March 2015 with sound engineer Mike Pedersen at Music City Studios in Kelowna B.C. to keep that live jam feel they produce on stage. Since then they have forged many new tunes including the international releases of two singles, "Funk You" and "Monsanto" in 2017. With two more singles set to be released in April of 2018 and a new concept album dropping August 1st, 2018 there will be no shortage of excitement this year. When they put on a live show, its just at a whole other level, a different beast. Their live sound and stage presence are unique as Floyd Meets Brown experiments with new sounds every set creating a journey tailored to each show.

They consist of 4 unique members each offering different nuances to create their own sound. In no Particular order we have Rhys Boardman on bass guitar keeping the fun in funk and the groove to make ya move. Ryan Dacre aka "Captain Daknar" on trumpet and vox, he really knows how get the crowd going. Dustin King on drums and percussion holding down the beat to move your feet and last but not least Josh Loewen on guitar, percussion and vox, he'll bring you to outer space and melt your face. Although they are only 4 members strong they bring BIG sound to take you on a musical flight like no other...
Check them out on youtube here:


Fernando's Pub

279 Bernard Avenue, Kelowna


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