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Psymbionic / The Widdler / Winter Tour: Pres, by 11:11 Live ~



Fri, Jan 19th, 2018


9:00 pm


Kelowna are you ready!

Two hugely talented artists are set to make their Kelowna Debuts!.

The Widdler threw down so hard when we hosted him in Pentiction that we had to bring him back. This time as main support for Psymbionic!.

Join us for the Psymbionic / The Widdler Winter Tour!

Hard Copy and Online Sales Coming Soon!


Psymbionic :: Gravitas Recordings x Lowtemp
Cresting the modern wave of electronic producers, Psymbionic creates aural experiences that explore the range of multi-tempo Bass Music within an influential and dynamic culture. With an ear for situational relevance, Psymbionic enjoys turning non-traditional sound design and infectious rhythms into dancefloor heat, while also maintaining his history in the downtempo, emotive side of the electronic sound. John Burcham has been moving bodies and turning heads as Psymbionic for several years in all corners of the USA, playing with acts such as Bassnectar, STS9, Big Gigantic, ill.Gates, Excision, EOTO, and Tipper. His passion and innovation in the music world are showcased through album releases on Muti Music and MalLabel, as well as in his role as label manager for the popular Electronic imprint Gravitas Recordings.

In a live show context, Psymbionic confronts mixes that are limited to the scope of the build and release, avoiding an industry epidemic of drop-monotony that overpowers the flow of music. Burcham seeks to prove that there are more powerful influences in moving a crowd than simple tension, providing an interwoven dynamic that relies on the strength of his blend, rather than the sole force or familiarity of the apex.

Psymbionic’s theory of music is a journey that doesn’t visit the same place twice, building excitement for what’s next not because you can anticipate it, but because you’ve never been there before.

The Widdler
Born in Tel Aviv and living in Austin, TX, The Widdler is widely recognized as an innovator and originator of dub sound. Constantly practicing, The Widdler incorporates mix sessions into his daily routine, which translates to his flawless performances at shows; headlining with the likes of Doctor P, Reso, Ajappai, Tipper, Bassnectar, Caspa, Mary Anne Hobbes, Excision, Bukez Finezt, Truth, Downlink, & many more as well as a member of US imprints Dank 'N' Dirty Dubz, MalLabel Music, Deep Dark & Dangerous, & Sub.mission. Taking influence from various genres of music and lifestyle, his tunes comes in all shapes and colors. From the chilled reggae dubs and blue mood atmospheres to the mean menacing throbs of bass and percussion, The Widdler knows how to weave his musical roots with his production that makes each set entirely special. Sit back, light a spliff, and enjoy the sounds of The Widdler.


Tyler West with MC Equality & Kristal Jem & MC inspire
Tyler West is our backbone and foundation. His love for creation is unbending. Tyler's diverse taste and steady output of underground bass music provides a wide array of vibes to be felt. Kristal radiates creativity and self-expression. Utilising her four-octave range and deep connection to the moment, she grooves to any flow. As every piece comes from her heart you will feel it deep in yours. Her powerful feminine energy provides stability and synergisticly synchronizes our tribe. Inspire embodies unconditional love and willpower. His message is to wake up and make a difference. Inspire leads by example. When you see him live you will feel it in every word he speaks. MC Equality embodies balance through his intentions and actions. His love for music and dedication to a positive message raises the vibration of our collective consciousness.

Catchy IL bass hype,
Experience a trip through the bass realm.
Vibe building bass drops, with a spice of love.
Get trapped , while playing in the house, deep in the dub-step, bass for the therapy . Original bass music genies.
Making waves of vibrations through the west coast bass scene.

------>Main Support<-----

Chrizpy Chriz
A cup of bass, stir in a couple beats, a tablespoon of galactic stardust, equal portions of organic and synthetic; mix well. Add in the melted face sounds (which you melted over the stove before beginning), a dash of another dimension, before it all settles, quickly sift in the energy and drop it. Drop it again. One more time. Okay, now we’re cooking. Now if you’ve done everything just right and baked it at 420 degrees for just under an hour, you should have a perfectly juicy yet crunchy Chrizpy Chriz to spin some tunes for the evening. For best results, serve with a side of extra loud sound system and make sure to dance your feet off throughout the entire duration of the performance. With Chrizpy Chriz on the menu, you’ll bring a whole new array of flavours to your table even the pickiest of listeners are bound to enjoy!


The Habitat

248 Leon Ave, , Kelowna


$20 in advance $25 @ the Door

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