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Confidently You



Mon, Jan 8th, 2018


6:00 pm to 8:00 pm


Being a teen is HARD! And let's face it, being a parent of a teen is No walk in the park. Unfortunately, they don't come with an instruction manual in how to raise them how to be a confident well adjusted individual no matter your best efforts. This workshop is designed to set them up for success!

In this 6 month experiential workshop your daughter will go on a journey of self-discovery along side her peers in a safe and loving environment that is designed to nurture her spirit and strengthen her confidence so that she can stay true to herself and on her path.

This is a supportive sisterhood that provides your daughter with the tools she needs so she can confidently navigate her teenage years! There are so many pressures this day and age; from bullying, boys, drugs, sex, alcohol and the list goes on... Your daughter will get a strong sense of belonging in this sisterhood and will feel seen, heard and supported so that she can be confident in her decision making during these challenging and confusing years.

Imagine your daughter has the confidence to make friends, and the RIGHT friends. She could feel that pit in the gut feeling and notice the people who might be pulling her off her path. Imagine your daughter could look in the mirror and love her body and not compare or criticize her body! Imagine your daughter knows her self-worth and has the standards and boundaries that will keep her safe and out of potentially dangerous situations! Imagine your daughter has the confidence and courage to stand up for herself and speak her truths! Yesss! This is all possible!
This workshop also includes one 1:1 coaching session with Certified Life Coach near the end of completion so that your daughter can feel extra supported in the process and can continue to integrate everything she's learned in the months and years to follow!
Recorded training videos and parental support is included so that you, the parent or caregiver, can assist your daughter to stay on the path that feels right for her!
For more details and special pricing, please email or phone 250-808-1151!
Included Course Dates
January 8th 6pm-8pm
February12th 6pm-8pm
March 12th 6pm-8pm
April 9th 6pm-8pm
May 14th 6pm-8pm
June 11th 6pm-8pm
(Plus one 1:1 private session)

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Okanagan Regional Library

1380 Ellis street, Kelowna


$597 (payment plan available)

Ticketing and/or registration:

For more info:

ph: 250-808-1151

Kandace Stoneman

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