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This Old Ghost Town and Travis James w/ Portraits of Us



Sat, Aug 19th, 2017


8:00 pm


This Old Ghost Town and Travis James w/ Portraits of Us

Live at Habitat (Inhabit) as a part of the Travis James Canadian Tour 2017

Doors at 9 pm

This Old Ghost Town: Tuesday March 22, 1881. Three weary travelers, eternally on the road in search of riches beyond comprehension, had made it to their destination for the night. Just that very day the three of them stumbled upon a treasure of sorts, unlike anything their tired eyes had ever seen. They travelled in search of the lost loot, hidden in the hills by the dreaded Davis “Snake Bite” Calhoun, when they came across what, at first glance, could only described as a pile of rubble. The three men sifted through the junk to find bundles of line made of nickel and steel, a few old tattered boxes, small circular discs made of some ancient tin, and a few pieces of primitive carved wood. That night, as they rested their feet by a warm fire, the three friends started to put the pieces of rubbish together to craft what would become instruments of music. As they took in the heat of the fire "Old Man" Billy Harrison, Daryl "Two Chins" Haugan, and “Dirty” Dan Jones began to make sounds with these instruments and use their voices in ways they had never been used before. It was on this cool, spring night that the three men were henceforth known as This Old Ghost Town, and their legend lives on to this day...

Travis James is a Canadian singer-songwriter from Vancouver, British Columbia. He recently released his sophomore EP titled "Timeless As The Moon". This EP reflects on the journey Travis has made in these last 3 years, focusing on the struggle and beauty of pushing through life and finding hope and purpose in something beyond yourself.
Travis James will be embarking on his first Canadian tour this summer, in support of “Timeless as The Moon”. He will begin in Vancouver and end up in Ottawa, playing in 30 different cities along the way.

Portraits of Us is a duo consisting of experienced solo performers, Hason and Anna Ratzlaff. Portraits of Us has a sound that is clean, melodic, acoustic, and balanced with intricate guitar and vocal arrangements. The music of Portraits of Us could be compared to the likes of The Civil Wars, The Staves, and Noah Gunderson. Jason and Anna are currently in the middle of recording and producing an 8 song album, which is due to be released early summer. They will be supporting Travis James for the first half of his cross Canada tour.


Inhabit Social Lounge

248 Leon Ave, Kelowna


Tickets $10 at the door

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