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Song Of The Body - A 5 Rhythms Workshop With Bettina Rothe



Fri, May 19th, 2017 to Sun, May 21st, 2017


7:00 pm to 4:00 pm


A 5Rhythms® Movement & Embodiment Workshop with Bettina Rothe

This is an invitation to slow down, allowing the mind to quiet
and for the body and heart to speak.

The 5Rhythms® practice offers us maps to explore our embodied Self. We learn to cultivate inner body awareness and pay attention to physical sensations.

In this workshop we will tap into the language of rhythm, breath and sensation. The body does not lie. It keeps score of the myriad of our life experiences. It is a library of our stories, our truths – nothing is forgotten in our tissues, muscles and bones. Our personal stories and the stories of our ancestors are held in the soma.
Come and join me in this journey of listening, discovering, shaping and releasing. We are co-creating a space in which we can hear our own body songs and witness the beauty of each other’s expression.


Kelowna Forum

1317 Ethel, Kelowna, V1Y 2X1


Full workshop rate: $165 early-bird / $195 Friday only: $30 early-bird / $35 * Early-bird if paid in full by May 1st

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