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Road to Riverfest Talent Contest



Fri, May 5th, 2017 to Sat, May 6th, 2017


8:00 pm


Road to Riverfest 2017 is your chance to OPEN for Brett Kissel & The Band Perry!!!

Join us FRIDAY NIGHTS IN MAY with your Talent Host Angie Clowry!


Top Ten finalists receive 2 weekend passes to the 2017 festival, including camping!

Grand Prize winner will receive:

★ Perform 2 songs in direct support of the Saturday Night headliner
★ Record a radio ready single with Tom McKillip
★ 2 VIP passes to Rockin’ River 2017 including camping
★ A full set at the 2018 Rockin’ River Music Festival
★ Opportunities to perform at sponsored events throughout the following year

And much more!

Rules & Regulations
2017 Contestants Rules & Regulations

Each contestant will perform as a solo vocalist – the artist cannot be accompanied by additional vocalists, musicians or dancers. However, duos and trios will be able to have multiple instruments. * New for 2017 *
Contestants will be allowed to use musical instruments during the competition and finals as long as the venue is set up for it.

Each contestant agrees to perform to tracks, however the venue has the option to provide a house band at the finals stage of the contest only.

Each contestant will perform 2 songs with tracks provided by the venue(s). This is open genre (excluding Rap and Hip Hop) in all club venues, however, the performance at Rockin’ River Fest must be Country, Country Rock or Classic Rock.

As this is NOT a Karaoke Contest, a TV screen is not permitted. Absolutely NO TV screen will be allowed to be used in any venue for the Finals.

If any artist wishes to use their own tracks they must be first approved and agreed upon by the venue. Originals are welcome, however, please be advised that because judges do not have anything to compare an original song to it makes it more difficult to score. If you choose to do an original, it is at your own risk.

Each contestant should arrive at the performance a minimum of 1⁄2 hour prior to the start of the competition in order to sign up and go over their song choices. Duplicate song choices will be decided upon by the contest operator, so please be prepared with other song choices in case.

Contestants Conduct:

Each contestant will be asked to conduct him or herself in a professional manner during all performances.

This includes:

 NO profanity during performances.
 NO sexual connotation during performance, all clothing must stay ON!
 NO racial slurs or derogatory remarks.
 NO microphone abuse such as swinging or dropping.
 NO badgering or conversing with any judges.
 NO personal interaction or relationship with ANY judge or the contestant will be asked to come
back on another night to compete or may be subject to disqualification and there are to be no

refunds issued.

 NO contestant may slander, bad-mouth or badger another contestant, as this will result in
immediate disqualification with no refund.

The contestant will accept the judge’s scores as final.
The contestant must register to enter online at and pay a “one time” entry fee of $10.00, payable to KHP Productions Inc. at each club auditioned at. If you wish to re-enter in the same club you previously auditioned no re-entry fee is required. A maximum of 10 contestants per night per venue are able to register at a time. Contestants can choose the night they wish to attend and pre- register for that evening.

11. Each Contestant will be entitled to re-enter as many times as they wish and in as many venues as they wish until such times as they are crowned a weekly winner. Once you are crowned a weekly winner, you must stay in that club and compete for the duration of the contest.

12. A song list will be provided to all contestants to choose from at the venue if tracks are provided.

Contestants Agreement Contractual Obligation

Must be single duo or trio vocalists over the age of 19 and Canadian Citizens. Unless venue is licensed for minors
Must be amateur performers
Note** (Amateur Description) : Never having been signed by a major or independent record label. Never having signed a distribution deal for retail sales.

Presently not touring with an established road band and making money as a major source of income.

All artists having recorded their own personal or promotional CD are NOT considered to be a major or Independent artist, therefore are eligible.

All participants will be responsible for their own transportation and accommodations if necessary.

Contestants will be allowed to use their own personal instruments but can-not have additional vocal accompaniment unless performing as a duo or trio.

Each Contestant will be entitled to enter in as many venues as they wish and pay a $10 entry fee in each venue. However, once crowned a weekly winner they must compete at that venue until eliminated, or they win.

All contestants will sing how many songs the venue deems, all venue decisions are final.

Venue Finalists must provide a list of six songs to the administrators by July 5th that they wish to perform at the Finals
I confirm that I am entering the competition of my own free will and will compete to the best of my ability, in a fair manner and observing the rules as stated above.

I hereby acknowledge I have read and understand the information provided to me any false information could result in my disqualification from the contest and forfeiture of any fees. KHP Inc. has the right to make this decision at any time they feel necessary.


OK Corral Cabaret

1978 Kirschner Rd, Kelowna


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