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Kris and the blues machine Live @FernandosPub



Thu, Mar 23rd, 2017


9:00 pm


Kris and The Blues Machines is Kris's blue side!!!

Kris usually travels around the country with a carnival of Circus musicians that go by the moniker of BLACKBERRY WOOD but every once and a while he gets the urge to travel the great unknown all by his lonesome and yell out the blues!!! Childhood memories include being told to sit in front of the kik drum, to keep it from slipping, in his dads Blues band and getting his first guitar from band members!!!
Musical adventures have followed Kris around all his life and this newest finds him traveling with his trusty companion "The Contraption" which plays samples of old marching drums, New Orleans rhythms, and earliest jazz drums as well as many fun orchestral sounds!!!
This ain't no normal solo guy with guitar and don't be surprised if you find yourself feeling the urge to move all the tables and make room on the dance floor to shake it good :)


Fernando's Pub

279 Bernard Ave, Kelowna


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