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January, 2021

Water Travels a Cycle

10:00 am - Fri, Mar 1st, 2019 to Sat, Jan 30th, 2021
at Kelowna Art Gallery

In his combination of linear forms and vibrant colours, David Wilson creates circular compositions that draw from the symbols and stories of his Okanagan First Nations heritage. Exploring traditional narratives and using pictographs based on those found on sites in the Okanagan region, he reinterprets the stories of his people. In this series, the story of water’s social life—from the rain of the clouds, through snowy peaks of mountains, to Spotted Lake where it evaporates—is told in images. Read more

Art in Action 2020: COLOUR

10:00 am - Sat, Feb 29th, 2020 to Sun, Sep 12th, 2021
at Kelowna Art Gallery

For this year’s 34th Art in Action student exhibition, the Kelowna Art Gallery invited young artists to explore the vibrant world of colour. Read more

puti kʷala – we are still here

10:00 am - Wed, Jul 8th, 2020 to Wed, Jul 7th, 2021
at Kelowna International Airport (YLW)

puti kʷala – we are still here by syilx artist, Sheldon Pierre Louis, features six colourful multi-layered portraits that celebrate the beauty of the syilx/Okanagan Nation’s history and culture. Read more

Nothing to be done. Melany Nugent-Noble

12:00 am - Sat, Aug 8th, 2020 to Sun, Aug 8th, 2021
at Kelowna Art Gallery

Nothing to be done is a sculptural installation in the Gallery’s Rotary Courtyard space by Melany Nugent-Noble that takes reference from the stage set of Samuel Beckett’s two-act play, Waiting for Godot. Read more

Northern Pine: Water Colours and Drawings from The McMichael Canadian Art Collection

10:00 am - Sat, Oct 24th, 2020 to Sun, Mar 7th, 2021
at Kelowna Art Gallery

Guest Curator: Ian Thom Read more

CFUW Kelowna celebrates 60th anniversary.

12:00 am - Mon, Nov 9th, 2020 to Tue, Nov 9th, 2021

CFUW Kelowna proudly announces the start of its 60th year celebration. This celebration will take place over the entire year and will involve on line events, Covid style fund raising, and safe distancing outdoor events. Read more

Goin’ Where the Climate Suits My Clothes

10:00 am - Tue, Nov 17th, 2020 to Sun, Apr 4th, 2021
at Kelowna Art Gallery

Melanie Daniel relates her fear for humankind’s unhealthy relationship with the natural world in Goin’ Where the Climate Suits My Clothes. Read more


10:00 am - Sat, Nov 28th, 2020 to Sun, Jan 31st, 2021
at Kelowna Art Gallery

We are all storytellers. Read more

Slip & Sip

12:00 pm - Fri, Dec 18th, 2020 to Sun, Feb 28th, 2021
at The View Winery

Follow the red shoes and our festive decorations through a self-guided vineyard/orchard tour. Bring your snow shoes, children, or furry friends (on a leash). Come warm up in our tasting room afterwards for a wine or cider tasting. Read more

Garden Bubble Experience

5:30 pm - Fri, Jan 1st, 2021 to Wed, Mar 31st, 2021
at The Curious Artistry & Alchemy Café

Enjoy a 4-course, Chef's menu under the stars, Monday through Saturday. Each menu is customized to dietary restrictions, so please notify us of any restrictions. Read more