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Family Sundays @ Home 1/2 & Full Day Photo Walking Tours

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Family Sundays @ Home

Join us every Sunday for a new kid-friendly art activity that is easy to do at home using common art and craft materials.

Art Exhibitions at The Alternator

The 'Multimodal Landscape' combines the exquisite sounds and colors of nature to make an expressive Visual Music interactive installation. 'Fields of Light' explores light and physical material in a topological composition of the Okanagan Valley.

Water Travels a Cycle

In his combination of linear forms and vibrant colours, David Wilson creates circular compositions that draw from the symbols and stories of his Okanagan First Nations heritage. Exploring traditional narratives and using pictographs based on those found on sites in the Okanagan region, he reinterprets the stories of his people. In this series, the story of water’s social life—from the rain of the clouds, through snowy peaks of mountains, to Spotted Lake where it evaporates—is told in images.

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1/2 & Full Day Photo Walking Tours

Step off the beaten path & do something different. Discover simple tricks to taking amazing photos you'll be proud to share and capture your own memories of the beautiful Okanagan Valley. Never miss another once in a lifetime moment of your kids, grandchildren, pets, travels. You get the picture!

Online Summer Intensives at Vancouver Film School

Get creative this summer and spend a week immersed in media arts production at Vancouver Film School. You will work with professional teachers and mentors to explore your creativity and work on creative projects.

Slipstream: Jenn E. Norton

In an otherwise empty gallery space, this immersive video installation includes six reflective panels positioned in an inward-facing ring which create channels of infinite regress.

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